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Classe delle lauree magistrali in Ingegneria aerospaziale e astronautica - LM-20 (DM270)
2 years
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Career opportunities - Ingegneri meccanici - Ingegneri aerospaziali e astronautici

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Almost 20 positions are available for non-EU students residing outside Italy of which 10 reserved for Chinese students in the framework of Marco Polo Project. Admission to the Master in Aerospace Engineering is subject to an interview. A minimum GPA of 70% and a certified B2-level mastery of English will be considered as highly preferential by the interview committee. In addition, the consistency of the Bachelor’s degree and the courses taken relating to the key subjects characterising the Master in Aerospace Engineering will be checked upon and evaluated.

Admission to the course requires a high school diploma or other equivalent and approved qualification obtained abroad.

Cittadella della Ricerca Building 14, SS 7, KM 7+300 72100 Brindisi (BR)

The Master’s Degree assures a high-level employability in the fields of design, production, maintenance and operational deployment of aircrafts. Our Aerospace Engineers can find a job in big multinationals active in the design and production of aircrafts and/or propulsions, SMEs providers of components and services, firms active into the maintenances and logistics of aircrafts, airports’ management companies or bodies, public bodies for the certification of civil aviation and flight assistants, armed air forces. The Apulian Aeronautics ecosystem allows most of these jobs on field, as well as a national or international career in industry or related industry, as well as in research

Academic coordinator: Prof.ssa Maria Grazia GNONI Staff coordinator: Dott. Angelo Raffaele PICHIERRI

Important Aeronautical multinationals and a vibrant, specialised Aerospace ecosystem of SMEs are present in University’s neighbourhood such as Leonardo’s Aircrafts and Helicopters divisions and AVIO GE. The Apulian Regional Aeronautics District is located at the same premises in which the Course is held. In such a context, the Aerospace Engineering provides all theoretical and practical knowledge on the whole set of topics relating to the Aerospace field, i.e. Flight Mechanics (both Atmospheric and Spatial), Aerospace Structures and Constructions; Aerospace Systems and Installations, Fluid Dynamics, Aerospace Propulsion and Industrial Engineering Design and Methods. The Course is organised to offer its students the choice among three tracks: Aerospace Design, Aerospace Technology and Aerospace Systems each providing a high-level of interdisciplinary teaching ensured by topics common to all tracks and related to: material sciences and technologies, energetic systems and related environmental impact, mechanical, management and electrical engineering disciplines, automation and information engineering.

The final exam consists in the writing of a dissertation on a subject chosen by the student among the topics of the Programme. The thesis, produced under the guidance of one or more supervisor/s, is of two kinds: 1) related to a project or an experimentation in university labs or other external organisations; 2) related to basic or applied research theme. Basic prerequisites are a relevance of the experience and originality of the work undertaken. The dissertation can also be prepared abroad and can be linked to a traineeship experience following an integrated traineeship plus thesis path. Research dissertations foresee the review of a referee, chosen among other Course’s professors, by means of a seminar. Graduation is awarded in a public Ceremony, based on the oral defence of the work to a graduation committee, which will assign a final evaluation by taking into consideration the candidate’s whole university career.

Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Rhode Saint Genese, Belgium Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Technical Universty Of Berlin, Berlin, Germany Department of Mechanical Engineering, Leuven, Belgium École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers (ParisTech), Paris, France.

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