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It is necessary to have passed Mechanical Technology exam. Knowledge of  the Technical Industrial Design exam is useful

The course aims to deepen the aspects related to production technologies applied in aeronautical constructions with reference to the choice of construction materials and transformation technologies connected to them. The material/technology solutions mainly used for engine and airframe structures will be discussed. The aspects related to "Workability of materials for aeronautical application by chip removal technologies" will be treated. The study and classification of light alloys for aeronautical applications will be addressed, as well as superalloys for airframe and engine applications. In particular, for Nickel superalloys and Titanium alloys the main aspects that characterize metallurgy and workability will be studied. In the field of plastic deformation technologies the principles underlying the super plastic forming and its applicability to the aeronautic sector will be illustrated. At the same time assembly operations (welding of metallic materials and riveting ) will be dealt with. Furthermore, a technological analysis of the application of composite materials to the aeronautical sector will be carried out. The main elements of Additive Manufacturing technologies will be provided. Numerical exercises and laboratory experiences will be carried out, in order to familiarize with the physical quantities that characterize machining operations and learn finite element simulation tools of chip removal and forging processes.

* Knowledge of materials for aeronautical applications and processes for their transformation.

* Basic knowledge for the characterization of Nickel and Titanium superalloys.

* Basic knowledge for characterization and use of Additive Manufacturing technologies.

* Basic knowledge for the critical choice of composite materials for aeronautical applications.

* Basic knowledge for finite element simulation of chip removal and forging processes.

Lessons on theoretical part and technical exercises on topics covered in theoretical part

The exam consists of two tests:

-in the first test (written - about one hour), the student must solve a task related to the topics covered during the course; the test aims to determine student's ability to perform autonomously calculations related to the physical quantities that characterize the machining processes discussed during the course.

-in the second test (oral - which starts immediately after the written test) the student discusses both the written and other contents of the course, illustrating their level of knowledge and understanding of the topics covered and in order to make relevant cinematic and dynamic analysis.

  • Critical analysis of materials/processes for aeronautical application by comparison with the reference context.
  • Exercises on the topics covered.
  • Machinability by chip removal of materials for aeronautical application.
  • Exercises on the topics covered.
  • Deepening on the metallurgy of light alloys, superalloys of nickel and titanium alloys.
  • Jointing technologies of aeronautical components: welding and riveting.
  • Super plastic forming technology.
  • Additive Manufacturing technology.
  • Critical analysis of composite materials application and their transformation technologies in the aeronautical field.
  • Finite element simulation techniques for machining by chip removal and forging and their application to case studies.

Small temporal changes of discussed topics, according to the progress of the lessons, are possible.

[1] F.C. Campbell,  Manufacturing Technology for Aerospace Structural materials, First Edition, Elsevier, 2006

[2] M. Donachie, S. Donachie, SuperAlloys a Technical Guide, UniSalento,Second Edition, ASM International,2002.

[3] Class notes.

Second Semester (dal 04/03/2019 al 04/06/2019)

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Oral - Final grade

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