angle-left GENIUS LOCI - performing arts between heritage and future
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Genius Loci - performing arts between heritage and future
Genius Loci
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Creative Europe
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bando EACEA-34-2018 "Creative Europe"
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Alessandro Isoni
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"Astragali Teatro - Eufonia soc. coop (capofila), DSSSU, Fundacion de la Danza Alicia Alonso di Madrid (Spagna), Teatrul de Stat Constanta (Romania), Municipality of Zakynthos (Grecia), Theatro tsi Zakynthos Epangelmatiki Skini (Grecia), Institut International du Theatre (Francia)
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Performing arts; capacity building; theatre and society
Genius loci is the connection of women and men with their ambience, culture, desires, it is the expression of a community. We are convinced there is a Genius Loci of Europe which is expressed through its arts, its cultures, in their multiple and diverse expressions, in its “Unity in Diversity”. Genius Loci expresses the desires of men for their ambience, to rediscover it means to rediscover the cohesive power of cultural heritage, for a sense of belonging that can foster the awareness of nature and culture, an amor loci, for an open society. It is difficult to have care of common goods without a special attention, without a form of amor loci. The care of common heritage, must lay on strong bonds, on strong emotions. It is the sense of enhancing European cultural heritage, for the creation of a better environment and of deeper and more respectful relationships, that can be more inclusive.